Quality Machining & Manufacturing, Inc.

Quality Machining and Manufacturing  Inc., has been a family-owned manufacturer of hydraulic fittings / adapters, brazed tube ends and general screw machine products since 1952. We manufacture both SAE hydraulic fittings as well as special hydraulic fittings, serving both the OEM and distribution markets. With over 60 years in business, we have the experience and expertise to deliver the highest quality fittings at the lowest price.

Why Choose Quality Machining?

Same day service
Standards are shipped from our huge inventory with same day service. Orders received by 1:00 P.M. will be shipped out same day UPS.

Huge inventory carry a huge selection of standard manufacturer of hydraulic fittings / adapters, brazed tube ends and general screw machine products. 

Personalized service
Because we make customer service one of our highest priorities, our complete personalized service puts us above the rest. Instead of waiting on the line with automated systems, we put you in touch with our real, living, exceptional sale staff who can help you with exactly what you’re looking for.

We specialize in custom designed hydraulic fittings
Our experienced engineers have the experience to take your sketches to a finished product at a very competitive price. Because we specialize in custom designed hydraulic fittings, no matter how different, your non-standard requirements are no problem for us. Give us your sketch, and our engineers will provide you with a finished engineered drawing for your approval with quotation on the quantity provided. Our turnaround is fast too, with our specials shipped in only 4 weeks!

Domestic manufacturing ensures a steady supply of product
At Quality Machining, we understand how costly a stop in production due to a delayed shipment can be. Because we manufacture our hydraulic fittings domestically right in our own facilities, we can ensure that your line will continue to run, and your supply will not get cut off. By ordering with a domestic and forging supplier of hydraulic adapters, tube fittings, and hydraulic fittings, you can rest assured that your supply chain will not be affected by world events.