JIC Fittings


Whether you’re an OEM, a warehouse, or a distributor, you need quality products for your customers and products. QMM specializes in manufacturing and importing the best hydraulic adapters and fittings. When you need JIC fittings, turn to QMM for all of your needs.

Our Selection

JIC fittings are flared compression fittings designed to withstand high-pressure fluid and hydraulic applications. Some confusion exists regarding the difference between AN (Army-Navy) fittings and JIC (Joint Industry Council) fittings. Generally, JIC fittings are produced with the same dimensions as AN fittings but at a lower price, meaning a lower cost for buyers.

Browse through our selection of domestic and import JIC fittings to find the type that suits you best. We carry locknuts, tube nuts, plugs, pipe tees, and other fittings. Choose from male-to-male, female-to-male, straight, and elbow configurations. Our numbering  format is the equivalent of Tompkins Industries, Brennan Industries and Air-Way Manufacturing. 

Our Promise

Never worry about a delayed shipment or stop in production again. QMM manufactures its own adapters and fittings, which means that we can get the products directly to you so you can keep up with production. A domestic supplier of JIC fittings can guarantee that worldwide changes in the industry don’t affect your supply chain.

QMM stands above other manufacturing companies because we offer competitive pricing, no minimum order quantities, and bulk sales. We work hard to ensure on-time delivery of standard and expedited shipments, and our customer service is always here to help.

Browse our JIC fittings below to place an order or contact us by calling (419) 899-2543.